An ordinary woman, refusing to live an ordinary life!!!


Lemme Introduce myself.. my name is Humpty— ohh wait..  Stop! Co-llab-or-ate and listen… oops I did it again… OMWORD!  It. Won’t. Stop.  


Ok for real now, back to our introduction…


I’m Holly and I’m a speaker, author & rapper!

With a dash of humor, a splash of personality, a whole lotta Jesus and a few rhymes, I equip listeners with biblical principles to awaken authentic joy in their lives! 



Want in on all the fun?

 I’ll share some of my current life faves, deep thoughts (or funny stories with a life lesson) and you’ll get first dibs on new releases plus you’ll be the first to get the scoop on new announcements! 

Feel the Love

“Holly, I just wanted you to know that I am so GRATEFUL for you! I have been to numerous counselors and tried a multitude of things in pursuit of a better version of me….in hopes of clarity, in hopes of finally accepting myself as I am and YOU have helped me more than anything/anyone! The homework you have given me and the non-judgemental way that you speak to me has been amazing and YOU are a blessing!”

– Dawn

 Where do I even begin? Holly helped me when I was in one of the lowest points of my life. She helped me with ways of coping with depression and anxiety. She has seen me grow from who I used to be, and almost 2 years ago, she officiated my wedding and came to the hospital when I had my baby boy. She is one of the absolute greatest person I’ve met.


Before meeting Holly, I had come to a point where I knew change was essential, but I had no idea where to start. I was paralyzed with the fear that I would make the same mistakes that I had in the past and continue watching my life pass me by. A friend recommended me to Holly for the purpose of counseling and I could not be happier with our progress. Within just a few short months, I have more direction than I have had in years. Her encouragement and ideas for improvement have helped me look forward to what’s ahead instead of letting my past weigh me down. I am already a better version of myself and could not ask for a better coach to take me through this journey.

I started seeing Holly during a very lonely and desperate period of life. I was struggling with some self-condemnation over my past. Somehow she brought me to a place where I could talk about it with less emotion and was able to find a new perspective leaving me whole and complete with a sense of worth and value. It was a healing process that was the catalyst to me finding peace. Being able to know I could count on Holly to listen and work through things – even in my most desperate hour – was the key. Holly made the time for those urgent breakdowns which was more powerful than having to wait a week to even get a reply.  


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