Comfort in the Uncomfortable

You know those days when you are on the couch, sitting in your pj’s at 9am knowing you have work to do but you don’t want to get up off the couch because you’re so comfy?  You scroll through Facebook and the next thing you know, the time is 11am!

Upon the reality of time, your mind becomes consumed with guilt because you know there is a list; there are toilets to clean, laundry to fold, floors to vacuum/sweep/mop, closets to clean, furniture to dust, etc.  Basically there’s an endless of things to do but you just want to stay glued in the dent on your couch under the furry blanket snug and toasty next to the fireplace, doing nothing. You lay there and begin to feel mentally worse until you finally get up to make a dent in your to do list and not just in the couch!

Is there something God has called you to do but you’re too comfortable under that thick heavy blanket on the couch? Maybe you keep telling God how good it feels to be under this comfy blanket all cozy and warm. But He keeps urging you to get up off the couch to get started on that “to do list”.

Sometimes God allows us to get uncomfortable to move us out of that comfortable place we are rotting (a-hem) sitting in.

Too often we become best friends with our misery.  We get too comfy in the pain and we don’t know how to live without it.  How do we move on without being dressed in our comfortable clothing of negativity?

Honestly, it was easier for me to constantly doubt myself than to step out writing a weekly blog.  It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and watch other people check off their to-do-lists.  Any one of us can hide in pain and pretend like it’s going to get better in the shadows not dealing with the cause.

Hiding was easy.  Sitting was easy.  Thinking was easy.  It was much easier to think about what needed done instead of doing it.  Easy just exists.  Easy is what kept me glued to the couch.

But then I got to that place,  maybe you’ve been there.  Where easy wasn’t even easy anymore.  I got tired of it.

I’d become uncomfortable with being too comfortable.

I had a strong urge to get up off the couch.  And once my mind was made up, I was going for it.  No turning back.

I wanted to find comfort in living in the uncomfortable.

When you get up off the couch and put the blankets away, you get busy with the to do list. Checking things off the list feels so right. You may not complete the tasks correctly, you may even have to re-do them, but at least you’re doing them. You’re up off the couch!

I’ve come alive outside of my comfort zone. I’m feeling challenged and ready to try more, new things. The blanket of negativity that once kept me huddled in and bound to the couch has now been replaced with excitement that keeps blood pumping in my heart and life.  That’s what is keeping me warm now.  My sedentary existence has been replaced with a challenging list of things that make my life worth living.

Yes I can now truly say I love living a life that is comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It doesn’t mean it gets easier, it just means you adjust to knowing the unknown is ahead.  Yes it’s risky, but it’s so much more rewarding!

Don’t waste any more time. Throw the blanket down– Get your butt up off the couch!  There’s so much more to life than watching the lives of others play out before you.

When you get up off the couch, you begin truly living and not just existing.

That thing— you know the risk you’ve been dying to take, that adventurous goal you’ve been reluctant to work toward…  I dare you to get up off the couch and go for it!

Learn to get comfortable living in the uncomfortable!!!