An Open Letter to 2016

Dear 2016,

This is kind of awkward. It’s our first date. I obviously don’t know you yet. I actually just broke up with 2015 last night.  I don’t want to hide my feelings any longer so I’m going to be 100% completely honest with you.  This may seem sudden but I’m ready to commit. I have had my eye on you for quite some time. It was probably wrong.  Call me a rebel– but I didn’t want to be right.   Even before I broke up with 2015, I was daydreaming about you.  My relationship with 2015 wasn’t all bad, we had some great times, but it was time.  Time to come to an end.  Like most relationships I learned a lot from 2015 and I’m pretty sure I learned what I want for my next one.

I’ve gotten a quick glimpse of you, only a blink of an eye in the whole scheme of things, but I think I have an idea of what you’re about.  At the same time I admit, I don’t know you well. I mean, we just met hours ago. Ok really. I don’t know you at all. I just have a vision of who you are in my head.  I’m sure in the next hours, days, weeks and months, we will come to know one another very well.  But as of now, I have to say, in this tiny glimpse I’ve gotten, I’m liking what I see. You’ve been pretty chill, cool, and funny however, I’m fully aware that most relationships start with their best foot forward 😉 But I’ve got a good feeling about us. I think you and I are going to really do some great things!

I don’t know if it’s the lack of sleep or what but I’m feeling cray cray so I’m gonna to throw it out there.  I’ve got nothing to lose… What can I say? I’m a woman who knows what she wants.

First, I expect to grow… my ex ,2015 (sorry I know it’s uncouth to talk about exes on your first date but you’ll see where I’m going) stripped away of a lot of things in our time together so I’m basically pruned for growth.    I’ve got ideas, plans, goals, dreams and lots to pursue- and I know as I work hard, day by day, we will get there together.  2016, I think you and I have something special and we’re going to be a great team.  No extra pressure on you… I’m a realist and I know we won’t realize these dreams overnight.  It will take work but I’m in it for the long haul… or at least 365 days.

Second,  I want to be present. I don’t want to worry about yesterday’s mistakes or   tomorrow’s possible tragedies. I want be present every second with you. I have a bad habit of taking moments for granted or putting off the next moment so I can sulk for a second (told you I would be honest). As we begin this new adventure, I know you will be present with me, so I’m going to show you the respect you deserve and do my best to be present in each moment, with each family member, with each friend, with all I have and all I do, I’m going to try to be present.

Third.   Please challenge me. Every great relationship challenges each other. Here’s the thing, I never want to be the smartest person in the room (I rarely am), and with you and I hanging out together, I have a feeling you’ll be teaching me a thing or two…or three or four and I’m cool with that.  I don’t want to stay planted where I’m at physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. So bring it on!  Btw, I’m not saying that in a cocky way.   I know you’ll need to pay close attention and watch me. There will be times when you need to be kind.   Like when I’m showing signs of weakness— there will be situations that I will need you to apply some extra mercy and grace while I get my bearings together. But I’m sure you will have great discernment as to when it’s time to ease up or if it’s better for me to press through the challenge.


Fourth thing- Let’s come ALIVE again! Let’s have fun! Let’s be giddy.  Let’s be silly. Let’s get child-like again. Let’s laugh.  Let’s pee our pants (ok that might just be me) from laughing so hard. Let’s put the windows down in 25 degrees and crank the radio up. Let’s run through the sprinkler on a summer day. Let’s take a few walks through the woods. Let’s get stuck in dirt, fall into a creek, go fishing, climb a tree, watch the sunset and rise (and if I’m feeling really wild, we can watch them both the same day!). Let’s DANCE MORE!


Fifth and Final.  I want you to remind me in our time together to make those little ordinary moments, extra-ordinary!  Let’s turn our evening winter time meals (when it’s dark early) into candlelight dinners.  Let’s take a moment to soak in those precious words from loved ones– you know the ones I take for granted.  And those tasks that seem mundane and even (dare I say) irritating… I want to look at them as extra special opportunities I have to serve my family and friends.  Time with my boys (one on one or all of them), my husband, each of my friends, my siblings, I want to be fully aware of what an extraordinary moment it is to make a memory, when so many others have been robbed of those memory making moments so early.  I want to react in ways that aren’t ordinary.  I want to respond to ordinary situations in extra-ordinary ways— whether it’s holding my tongue (when ordinarily I wouldn’t) or showing compassion instead of judgement, or saying something positive when everything else is negative. I would like to make ordinary moments extra-ordinary. Not just for me, but for others by offering help where there is need, a word of encouragement, a prayer, a laugh or even a cry.
I’ve listed what I want from you but now, let me tell you what I want for you. I want for you to be appreciated. For every moment, every laughter, every dream and every obstacle— no matter what it looks like. I’m going to make sure I invest in every moment.  I now understand that you are a gift.  You need to be treasured. I don’t want to complain about you (or anything for that matter). I don’t want to wish for you to hurry up and go away so I can move on to my next relationship, 2017.  My goal is for you to be appreciated for every piece of beauty, every fault, every lesson, every blessing, every thing and every one you will bring.  I pray that I don’t wish you away but wish for you to stay.  I want to remember every part of you.   I want you to be constantly appreciated and anticipated.


I don’t ever want to lose my passion for you-  Now 2016, let’s do this thang!