In The Now…

Right now.
Stop doubting.
Stop fearing.
Stop questioning your today.

You’ve been shaped and molded by past experiences and choices of which have led you here.   In the now– it’s yours.  Take authority over it.

Regret has no place here.  Past hurt can no longer hold you in its’ grasp when you live in the now. Eradicate all  the lies that insecurity is force-feeding your mind and spirit.

Defeat is not an option.  Inadequacy has lost its’ home.  Uncertainty has been evicted.  Confusion has been cast out.  Confidence now resides here.  

So seize your moment in the now. We are here, and none of us know how long it will last. Believe that you have what you need to fulfill your purpose here.  When you’ve been called, you’ve been equipped.  Stop silencing the voice of God in your head that is tugging on your heart.  You hear Him calling on you and you know what He is calling you to do.   Will you choose to quietly argue with God or will you be obedient and take the step of faith He is calling you to take?

Begin to silence the voices of doubt, failure, fear. Silence all those voices that are telling you that you can’t. Silence those voices that cause you to tremble when you lift your foot to take that step. Silence those voices that tell you that you aren’t enough. You are all God created you to be, for this moment. In the now.


When you live in the now, you quit wishing and start doing.

I “wish” I was happier
I “wish” I was healthier
I “wish” I could save money
I “wish” I would let go of my fears and just go for it!

Right now is all you’ve got. Step out into the now.  Quit wishing and start doing. Chances are you may stumble and possibly fall, but get back up. And  keep getting back up. Those who are doing instead of wishing, are all falling too, but they are constantly getting back up (no matter how difficult it is).  And then do their best to hold each other up.

Walk in the now… this moment, in your today with your head held high. Through Christ, you are capable of doing everything He is calling you to do. You have the ability through Him to do so much more than you even think or dream!

Through Christ

You are loved.
You are gutsy.
You are beautiful.
You are brave.
You are adventurous.
You are bold.
You are strong yet gentle.
You are precious.
You are one of a kind.
You are called.
You are able.

You. Are. Enough.

You are all these things, now be willing too!

Be willing to dream bigger and go after it.  If you’ve got a passion burning within your spirit. Don’t just wish- DO IT.  Now is the time.  Live the dreams you’ve been given.  Right now, do what God is lovingly whispering in your ear to go do.

Don’t hesitate, quit just existing and take the first step living out your aspirations in the now!