Life is Like a Stack of Pancakes?

Life is like a Box of Chocolate Stack of Pancakes?

My boys have today off from school. They slept in. Late. And woke up ready to eat. My twelve year old has a hankerin’ for pancakes. I have no pancake mix so we had to go old school from scratch. I’m trying to talk him into the simple banana & egg recipe I’ve been hearing about for the last couple of years but he wants the real deal. I oblige because he loves to cook and I relish the opportunity to make memories with him in the kitchen.

So we get to mixing. Flour, salt, eggs, sugar and vanilla.

Cookie ingredients

Looking at the vanilla he shivers. He detests vanilla. I mean cannot stand the stuff. It’s enough to make him second guess the recipe.

***Warning Possible Parent Fail Ahead***   

When he was little, if he would say bad words or back talk, his discipline was one drop of vanilla on his tongue. A friend of mine suggested it and let me tell you, it worked. I’m not sure if it was good parenting, but it did work. Now every time he sees, smells or even thinks of vanilla he gets a flashback to that nasty taste.   He can send me the therapist’s bill in a few years.  🙂

I had to assure him to trust me, he would be ok with the vanilla.

Most of these ingredients on their own aren’t so good. A raw egg- makes me want to gag. Semi sweet chocolate chips- love those! The flour- tasteless. Vanilla- Nasty, maybe even bitter. Discipline doesn’t usually taste or feel good. Sugar and salt- I can only do either one in small doses.

Each ingredient on its’ own doesn’t do much. But mix these ingredients all together, toss them on the griddle, pour on the right amount of syrup and we’ve got a fabulous breakfast.  Now I will say, our pancakes look nothing like the perfection from the recipe on the internet. (Our pancakes are on the left here)  20160129_132357 But that’s ok. It’s not how it looks. It’s how it tastes. My boy took one bite of his not-so-pretty pancakes and said in a soft voice of awe “These might be the best pancakes I’ve ever had…” I think they tasted so good because he was the one that helped make them.

Life is like that- you’ve had situations that made you gag, some you enjoyed, others were bitter, then there were those that were ok in small doses. God is assuring us to trust him. He mixes all our experiences up together- the good, the bad and the stuff in between.  When He mixes all those things together, we’ve got a combination of ingredients that will make for an incredibly tasty life. Once these ingredients have spent some time in the heat, they’ve blended for a wonderful creation in which each ingredient compliments the others. Those moments that made you gag, now protect you from repeating poor behavior. Those situations that could have made you bitter, made you better. Those people you can only handle in small doses, you are now able to extend extra grace.  ALL your experiences both good and bad, made you who you are today.  Don’t compare your pancakes to the picture perfect recipe that others show you, enjoy the one that you made because it’s yours to appreciate. This pancake of life is covered in the perfect amount of love to be savored. Now Enjoy. Every. Single. Bite.