The Scent of a Woman

 “A woman who smells good is automatically attractive”

A scent isn’t just about the nose.  A scent is intuition.  It’s love and romance.  It’s attitude.  Whatever the aroma in a room, if you stay there long enough, you will begin to wear that scent.  I’m about to write something that is going to seem out of left field but come along with me and we’ll get to the point quickly! 🙂


“If you hang around poop long enough, you’ll begin to smell like it” 

Some of you might be blushing but I’m a mom of all boys.  Bodily functions are common topics in our home.  Wait– Who am I kidding?  I am one of seven children, bodily functions have been talked about in my family as far back as I can remember!

(If you are holding your breath, you can breathe now- the language goes up hill from here)

Growing up, the poop phrase was constantly repeated.                           I mean ALL. THE. TIME.
My mom can be super silly and I hate to admit it, but this was the most effective way for her to communicate so that we actually heard what she was saying.  I always took this wisdom for granted–  Yes this is actually wisdom albeit,  an ill-mannered delivery.  But it wasn’t until adulthood that I realized its’ value and how true it really is.   When you hang around Negative Nelly’s and Fun Stealing Suzy’s, it drags you down.  Way down.  However, the opposite end of the spectrum is just as true.  If you surround yourself with Energetic Emily’s and Joyful Judy’s, you begin to feel a sense of empowerment.  

Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

This past weekend I had the honor of going to the “Go Getters”retreat with some of the most phenomenal women I have ever met. Truly inspiring and beautiful.  These women were overflowing with positive energy.  I’m not talking Perfect Patsy’s who never have a moment of insecurity  ***spoiler alert***  that woman doesn’t exist. We all have moments of insecurity.  But these woman were all encouraging. When one woman second guess herself the other ladies were there to lift her up and empower her.  When there was a question of whether or not they could succeed there was a resounding “Yes, You Can!”  They had a positive spin on every uncertainty. This wasn’t even a motivational retreat. It was a bunch of like-minded women, going after some serious goals. The common denominators? A positive attitude and a fierce drive to achieve their dreams.


Have you ever been around someone who smells really good?  You give them a hug and realize that when you hugged them, their perfume got on you and you are drowning in their scent of beauty.  You carry that scent and people are noticing how great you smell!   That aroma rubbed off from her to you and then from you to everyone you hugged.  That’s what these women did this weekend. They were all carrying around a fresh, “you got this!” aroma.  The scent of empowerment and encouragement now have the possibility continue to touch endless lives as the aroma is left behind wherever these ladies go.


“Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers.” — Christian Dior

So this brings me to this question.  What is your scent?  What is the aroma you leave behind?

When people walk away from you are they heading to the shower to cleanse themselves of the yucky odor they are now carrying because of your conversation?  Or are they exuding joy because of the positive fragrance radiating from your uplifting words?

Sometimes answering these questions can be difficult, but for positive change, it’s necessary.  We can’t make improvements until we become conscious of the behaviors that need some tweaking.  We’re on the right track sisters!

I can’t wait to continue this next week 😉

Here’s to living a life that’s Fresh (smelling), Fearless & Free!