(un)Pack Your Bags- You’re (not) Going on a Guilt Trip!

Do you ever feel guilty about something you shouldn’t feel guilty about? Do you carry a heavy burden over something that is not your issue yet you somehow are made to feel like it is?


I used to say that to myself non-stop because I always felt like I was going on a guilt trip. I  was constantly being motivated by guilt.

I’d been motivated by guilt most of my life. Having grown up in a divorced household, I can remember being overcome with guilt every time I left each of my parent’s house to go to the other home.  I was always feeling guilty, even for things I shouldn’t have felt guilty about.

Until recent years, if you wanted to manipulate a “yes” out of me, just push the guilt button and you could have gotten whatever you wanted from me. You can ask my boys, they had it down to a perfect science 🙂 It’s not as easy now… now that I’m fully aware of the two types of guilt. True Guilt and false guilt.  But I have to admit, I still struggle with it at times.

False Guilt (Condemnation)– holds us down, keeps us stuck, tells us we’ll never be good enough and makes us doubt our worth. When we submit to condemnation and buy into the lies of satan, we are paralyzed, immobilized and disabled.  This restrains our full potential to walk in the call God has for us- which this is exactly what the enemy wants to do, is keep us from walking in the call God has for us.

Satan is a tricky little dude.  He knows when to apply the false guilt and when to withhold it.

Before we know Jesus as our Savior, the enemy tells us we are good enough that we don’t need Jesus (there is no false guilt at all).  He wants to keep us from knowing a loving, forgiving God.  Then after we have a relationship with Christ, satan constantly tells us we’re not good enough and pours the false guilt on…  to keep us from being confident in who we are and walking in our purpose.

True Guilt (Conviction)- a feeling that makes us aware that something is wrong and brings about change.   We realize how much we are loved, and knowing our worth in Christ, motivates a positive change in us (or our behavior) because we know Christ only wants the best for us. When we submit to conviction under the power of the Holy spirit, we are freed.  We are released to into the next level of our destiny.

So these days, during those times that I struggle, I process my feelings through both of these lenses to see which is the correct fit.  Then I adjust my actions and my heart, accordingly.

As you look at your life today, which have you given more power to- True Guilt or False Guilt?  Are immobilized by satan under negative condemnation and “stuck” right where  you’re at?  Or are you motivated to make a positive change because you know you are loved and called to something more?  Something better.

Once you have this awareness, you can begin to process guilt and where it is coming from.  You can unpack your backs and skip the unnecessary guilt trips! You will find yourself  FREE to make the changes necessary to walk (baggage free) into your destiny!

Until Next time!

Here’s to living a life that’s Fresh, Fearless & Free! <3


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