Coming Out of The Dark

I went through a trying time in 2015 that really propelled me to make huge changes and take some major risks. I’ve taken some doozies in my time but this online journey is totally different. I’m on a MISSION and I need your help. I’ve invested in THE BEST coach to help me as I look to help some amazing women. The problem is, these amazing women don’t feel so amazing. And this is where I need your help. She is hiding out right in front of you and I. She hides behind a beautiful smile and contagious laughter. But when she gets alone, the darkness begins to creep in and she finds herself in this dark room and doesn’t know how to get out. She is afraid to tell anyone about the darkness because she feels so much shame.

So here’s where you come in! I need you to post this video that you can watch by clicking here and share this blog.  Here’s the deal.  You may not know it but she is in your circle, you hang out with her regularly, and you have no idea the sadness she battles.  She is the fierce business woman, the got-it-all-together-pta-mom, the beautiful woman praising Jesus in church, the perfect wife, that fabulous young straight-A college student who knows exactly what she wants to do.  She’s the one you least suspect.

Unfortunately,  she feels at times like she has lost her purpose and isolation consumes her.  She is too scared to say anything to anyone.  She feels stuck, alone in the dark, with her tears and her shame.  So I’m making it my mission to go find her.  You just might be her.  If you’re not, I’m asking you help lead me to her.  I would almost guarantee that she is in your world and she’s got such a brave face, you wouldn’t believe the battle she’s facing alone.

So I’m putting myself out there for her to come find me!  Please share this video and blog so she can find me… I have a safe place for her. A secret FB page filled with other women who are stepping out of the darkness as well. If I could write her a letter, this is what I would say:

Dear Sister-
I need you to open that door to the place you have pretended doesn’t exist.  Trust me, I know it’s scary but I need you to let me reach inside that secret place where you shamefully cry alone.  I know you’re tired of feeling isolated… you have hidden this darkness far too long. You light up the room on the outside while you mourn on the inside. You’ve tried everything you know to do and yet you continue to come up empty. Some days you have to drag yourself out of bed because life feels so overwhelming… the house, the bills, the job, the kids, the stress, the life— this is not the life you wanted.  And you are not stuck here.

 There is a way out.

If I were able to see your beautiful face right now, I would look beyond your smile into your eyes and I would see the pain that resides deep inside your soul. From the outside, your life is seemingly perfect, yet on the inside you are still feeling empty. You’ve tried everything you know to find satisfaction and contentment, yet you still have a void..

There may be better days when life seems a little brighter. Your children, your husband and your friends all sparkle in your world. But lingering in the back of your mind is the fear, questioning when will the darkness come… where you’ll once again find yourself feeling lost, hopeless and helpless.

But there is hope.

Not only is there hope, but there is help attached to hope! If this is you and you are ready to come out of the dark, please sign up HERE. You will receive an email and we will connect on FB and I will add you to my secret group. The group is not searchable, no one will know you are in it except for the other ladies participating. They are stepping out of the dark as well… so they understand exactly where you are and how you feel.  You are not alone.

I want you to come and join us– make the choice today to step out of the darkness and fight to stay in the light. <3

You can friend request my personal page, Holly Mutlu on FB or you can follow me on Holly Mutlu- Fresh, Fearless & Free. But my goal is to help empower you to begin walking in a life of Freedom.

I look forward to meeting you. Until then…

From my heart to yours,