I’m a Gold Digger

Yup I said it.

I am a Gold Digger.. at least I try to be.

When I first mentioned to my boys that I wanted to be a Gold Digger they were like “MOM!!! Don’t you know what that is?!?”

Clearly they don’t know how hip and cool this chick (aka their mom) is… so I  started twerking in the kitchen– Ok not really– they’d have thrown up. But I did start dancing like a mad woman and then realized, ok maybe I’m not as cool as I think I am.  But the Roger Rabbit and Running Man are still LEGIT moves!  (((((I really need to come up with a Gold Digger dance move though)))))

I want to wear that label “Gold Digger” and wear it proudly.

“Anyone can find the dirt in someone– be the one that finds the gold”                                                                                                                                                  Proverbs 11:27

This weekend we had a bridal shower for my future daughter-in-law at the home of my hubby’s ex-wife (our older boys’ mom).  So I decided to do a quick FB Live feed about how awesome it is that we were all able to work together to raise these two boys (my bonus boys).  So being a little ornery, I titled the video “I’m sitting outside my husband’s ex-wife’s house and it’s about to go down”… of course “it” was the bridal shower but the viewers didn’t know that until a few minutes into the video.   (you can watch it on my fb page here)

I wonder how many people clicked on the video intending to watch a Jerry Springer type video… they may have been looking in dirt, but my hope is that they found gold in the truth about putting our adult selves (selfish wants desires anger and bitterness) aside and putting the need to love our kids first. Even when you’re looking for dirt, you can still find gold– but when you do, will you keep it or throw it out?


I read a few articles today about mining for gold.  Here is what one said: “Geologists know that gold is present in almost all rocks and soil, but the grains are so small that they’re invisible.”


Let me stop right there.  GOD knows there is gold present in all of us!

How many GOLD MINES do we have walking around but we don’t know about it because we don’t take the time to really look for the grains of gold.  We’re too caught up in getting the skinny on all their dirt.  Their life has been hard and it’s been dirty.  There’s still gold in there.  Yeah, so some of the gold grains are so small they’re invisible. But it’s still gold in there.  In order to be gold diggers we have to INTENTIONALLY look for gold.  We have to CHOOSE to look past the not-so-attractive tangibles (dirt and the rock) and look for the invisible gold… the intangibles!

But it’s so easy to find dirt isn’t it?  Like for real.


You can size me up in a look and you will see plenty of faults.  It’s a natural tendency to look at the mess.   ANYONE can find the dirt.. It takes someone special to look past the dust and yuck to find the gold.

Who will take time to look past the faults, the pain, the negativity to see the little specks of gold?    Sometimes the pain is so deep it hides chunks of gold that are waiting to be discovered.  Those nuggets of gold are so valuable yet because we’ve not taken the time or had the patience (it takes work, effort and  persistence) to get past the dirt, we don’t get to see the value of the gold.

Mine, in reference to mining, is defined as an abundant source of something.  So as a gold mine, you are an abundant source of gold.  There will be some people in your life who, in spite of the abundance of gold, will only see the dirt in you. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try… why?  Because they are looking for DIRT!  It doesn’t matter how much gold you have in you, if all they want to see is the dirt, that’s what they will find.  And ANYONE can find the dirt…

You can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you.  In other words, you can’t change the people around you but you can change who you are around.  If those friends want to keep digging for dirt and you’re looking for gold, don’t keep trying to change them… Anyone can find the dirt.. you want to hang out with those super awesome peeps that want to find the gold.  So go find some other Gold Diggers to surround yourself with.

If you’re hanging out with Gold Diggers, you are not only going to find gold in them, but they will find gold in you.. You’ll be making each other sparkle more!

When you take the time to go through the dirt, dig deep to go the extra mile and filter through all the crap (the fear, the pain, the chaos, the discontentment) and find the gold that is in the people around you.  Eventually they will shine! By doing so, YOU will strike it rich.  Finding value in someone who has never known their worth is priceless.  Seeing beauty in the darkest people is an unbelievable gift to both you and them.

Every time I find gold, I find something that the creator already knew was there (He actually put it there) and He was just waiting for the right person at the right time to discover the beauty that is sometimes hidden in the dirtiest places.

Honestly, I think Gold diggers are probably more rare than the gold itself.  If someone has had a conversation with me, I want them to leave there hearing how valued they are.  How loved they are.  Encouraged.  Empowered.  Loved.  Like someone just took time to bring the best out in them.

I want people to walk away from me saying– she IS a GOLD DIGGER!

What about you?