Is this as good as it gets???

The Underdog.  David.

The anticipated victor.  Goliath. 

*******SPOILER ALERT********

It was a HUGE upset.

The little guy David, unexpectedly beat the gigantic Goliath in battle.

You probably know the story.  If you grew up in church you’ve heard it countless times.

But as I was studying the story this week I began to look at the story through David’s human eyes.

That moment when the adrenaline is pumping.  David is standing there triumphantly, over a dead Goliath with his opponent’s sword in hand.  The crowd standing behind him cheering loudly because he had overcome the giant and gained victory for the Israelites.

Can you imagine what he was feeling in that moment?

I play kickball with my husband.  Yeah, I know “Kickball” sounds harmless doesn’t it?  People break bones in this sport.  It’s not for sissies.  It is super competitive and we’ve had some epic battles against some pretty talented teams. We’ve won some and we’ve lost some.  And my husband would want me to tell you we’ve won more than we’ve lost 🙂

We’ve had the same rival for YEARS–  So when we went into extra innings and won, the adrenaline was pumping, the team was jumping, we were yelling, screaming, hugging, and beyond thrilled to have that victory.  The most difficult victories are the sweetest ones.

Picture your victories (dance, spelling bee, chess, ping pong), the intense surge of pure joy and excitement that flows through your body, your mind and your spirit…  It’s indescribable.

I think about the Cleveland Cavs coming back and winning the coveted championship, watching Lebron and his teammates, the coaches, the executives, and the thousands of fans all up in arms together because of that victory– MILLIONS at home jumping up and down, in tears rejoicing simultaneously…

And then I think about David’s unexpected victory against Goliath.  This victory meant so much more to the Israelites than the Cavs victory meant to Cleveland (and for some of you that’s hard to fathom).  This wasn’t for a trophy or bragging rights– this one on one battle was for the freedom of the Israelites.

So David stands there praising God for this conquest.  He knew it was only because of God that he was able to overcome this giant that everyone feared.

I wonder if people were gathering around David asking him what it felt like as he was winding up that sling, or what it was like going standing over Goliath as Goliath lay there on the ground.. using the enemy’s own sword to kill him.

Were they pummeling him with questions?  Were the Israelites lifting David up on their shoulders singing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fella..”

And in time, like any emotion, the celebration fades.

This is where I really start to humanize David.

Did David sit there and ask himself   “Is this as good as it gets?”  

Did he go into a bit of a funk wondering if that would be the most exciting moment of his life?  Thinking,”Well that’s the best thing I’ve ever done and will ever do.  What do I do now? I just completed the greatest accomplishment of my life.. was this the ‘glory days’ that I will talk about the rest of my life?  What’s next for me?”

Have you been there?   Feeling like the best is behind you.  You’ve hit your peak only to fall back into a valley and question if you’ll ever see that mountain top again?

Let me remind you,  as long as you have breath, you have purpose.  

The peaks might look a little different.  But each valley will ultimately lead you to a mountain top.

As most of you know, David ended up as “King David”.  He had many peaks and valleys.  And God was with him through them all.  David was a man after God’s own heart.  God had a plan and a purpose for David.

And God has a plan and a purpose for you too.  You may feel lost.  You may not be sure of what it is right now.. and that’s ok.  The key is to continue to seek God through it all.  God doesn’t show us the whole picture- we see things in parts.  But I want you to know your best life isn’t behind you.  There is still greatness ahead.

Are you hurting today?

A broken friendship.

Perhaps you are going through empty nest syndrome.

A loss/change of jobs.



The loss of a loved one.

The death of a dream.

Maybe you feel like you are sleepwalking through life.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.  In those days when you pray, I will listen.  If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”                                                                                                  

                                                                                Jeremiah 29:11-13


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