I Am NOT Enough.

I keep reading well meaning empowerment posts that say “I Am Enough.”

I want to respectfully disagree.

I am not enough.  

Maybe you can relate.  But if not, keep reading.. soon you’ll pick up what I’m throwing down.

First let me relieve you when I tell you that we don’t need to be enough. We were never created with the purpose to be something society expects us to be.

You are human.  You make mistakes.  You were created by a Heavenly Father who loves you and has a plan for you.  He wants what’s best for you. And that’s not to live up to expectations that have been placed on you by the world.


Let me just tell ya that I need me some Jesus and I need a whole lot of Him!

At the ripe age of 44 I have realized I don’t need to try to live up to the expectations of others.  That requires me to be enough for them.  Heck, I’m not even enough for myself!

There’s too much pressure from the world.

I’m supposed to be able to do. it. all.

I am supposed to be a mom, wife, employee, daughter, sister, friend and _________ but there are times I am barely keeping my head above water trying to maintain a decent level of performance in these areas.

Society tells me I am supposed to know how to rock this thing and do it all while looking like a million bucks.  (If sweatpants and uggs are worth a million dollars, then I’m rocking that for sure!)

Here’s the truth.

I am not enough.  Not on my own.  And neither are you.

Christ is what makes me enough.  Only through the cross was I made enough.  He is the one who is made perfect in my weakness.  He is the one that strengthens me so I can do all things.  He is the one I run to when I feel like pulling the covers over my head.  He is the one who balances me out and gives me peace.

He will do the same for you.

You don’t have to balance everything perfectly because again let me remind you dear sister, you are human. You should strive for balance, but it probably won’t come easy.  I mean what woman doesn’t struggle with some sort of guilt? Feeling pulled between work and relationships? Feeling like you need to be contributing to society volunteering somewhere but at the same time feeling like you need to make sure you’re tending to your responsibilities. Society tells you that you need to be powerful but on the inside you’re still  struggling with the weakness, with shame you feel as if you’ll never be enough.
So when the world tells me I should be enough.  I say no.  I wasn’t created to be enough.  I was created with a void in my heart that can be filled by Him and Him alone.  I don’t want to be enough.. because if I’m enough, there’s no room for Him.

If truth be told, I want more of Him and less of me.  Let Him fill that void in my heart and let it overflow into every other part of me.

I am not enough.  But He is.  And that’s all I need.