The Grave Wasn’t Empty…

Are you looking for a way out of the darkness of pain, and looking for hope?
Does it feel like hope has disappeared in an instant, when moments ago hope was alive?
We all need that reminder that hope is still here.  
You’re not the only one.
We have all been there, while our length of stays might be different, we bought the t-shirt and have the pics from our visit with pain.
I think about Mary the mother of Jesus.  She watched her son get beaten, tortured and crucified.  I wonder how she must’ve felt seeing her son breathe his last breath.  This wasn’t just the savior to her, this was also her son, the little boy she gave birth to in a manger… Oh the devastation and loss of hope she must have felt as she watched daylight turn to darkness.
If I close my eyes and visualize it, I can see Mary standing there, looking at the cross where her son, the Messiah, hung battered and bruised. A sign mocking him. People yelling profanities.  I picture her sobbing.  Glancing up, not wanting to look at him in pain, yet at the same time, not wanting to take her eyes off of her baby because this could be the last time she would see him.
We know that day as “Good Friday” but I’m absolutely positive this didn’t look or feel good for her on that horrific day.  
Yes, she knew what had been prophesied but as a mom, seeing her baby humiliated, naked and hanging there.  The soldiers rolling the dice to claim his clothes.  This man, who once had crowds around him cheering him on, now had crowds surrounding him chanting “crucify him!  crucify him!”
Her heart and her spirit must have been completely broken..
Did her mind run back to the moment (Luke 2:35) when Simeon told her that a sword would pierce her soul?
When Jesus said “It is finished” what did he mean?  I’m guessing that phrase ran through her mind over and over.
She had to have asked God “This can’t be how it ends?  This isn’t your plan?  Lord where are you???”
Hope disappeared as a thick fog of hopelessness settled in on the hearts and minds of those closest to Christ.. a fog so dense that it hindered their spiritual sight as to what could be ahead.
Was she so full of emotion that they couldn’t see the possibility that the moment Jesus died, hope was actually about to be revealed?  
Was she feeling lost?  
Was she numb and in shock?
Was she angry?
Did she want to isolate herself?
Have you ever felt that way?  Lost, numb, an emotional basket case wanting to go into isolation?  
For three days Mary waited as she endured the sword that pierced her soul.. 
She was a believer standing on HIS PROMISES so…
Was she somehow able to look past her son and see hope in her savior?
Was she able to see past the pain to her son’s purpose?
Did she remember that HE WAS THE MESSIAH!?!
After what must have been three of the most difficult, emotional days, they return to the grave looking to give Jesus a proper burial.
They get to the tomb…
Christ’s body isn’t there but that doesn’t mean it was empty.  
That grave wasn’t empty– while there was no body (((HALLELUJAH!))) it was full of hope! ❤️ 
Hope was dancing where death was supposed to be residing.  
Hope wasn’t just restored.  
It was reborn. 
When Christ was resurrected,
Hope was resurrected.  
Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!  In his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…
1 Peter 1:3
As followers of Christ we are not told life will be easy, comfortable or glamorous (as some expect).  But in the midst of the trials we trust that if we follow Him, our lives will be full, peaceful and we can have joy even in the midst of difficult times.
Maybe today is your Friday (and it doesn’t feel so good), perhaps you are smack dab in the middle of the three days.   Can I tell you that God is working while you wait?  That God has something in store that will blow your mind!
I don’t know where, I don’t know how, and I definitely don’t know when… but I know that God has a way of showing up when we least expect it and He shows up with hope dancing where we anticipated finding death.
Today dear reader, I want to remind you that there is still hope in Him. Hope is not a “wish”, but a promise.  Yes, some days seem to drag on much longer than others.. but also we know at the end of the three days there is a resurrection!
In spite of the difficulties.  No matter what your situation looks like.  No matter how bad it may feel.  We stand on the promise of a resurrected savior who gives us Hope & Victory!


I pray you are able to see past the dense fog of hopelessness in your circumstances that you’ll be able to see the dancing light of Hope alive through Christ!

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