3 Avoidable Traps That Trigger Emotional Overwhelm


Ever heard someone say “Gosh, you’re emotional!”?

I’ve had so many clients come to me freaking out because they had been accused of being emotional. So I came up with a program to make emotions work for you instead of against.  Let me be real- emotions aren’t a bad thing.  It’s when we’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to manage them that’s bad.    If you’re not sure if your emotions get to you, keep reading to see if you can relate.

Here’s a common scenario I’ve heard a few (hundred) times.  It goes a lil’ sumpthin’ like this:

Your son just told you he needs you to go buy poster board and help him complete a project at school. As he tells you this, your dog simultaneously poops on the carpet. The baby starts crying because she wants your attention and needs to be held. The phone is ringing and you’re in the middle of making dinner. Your daughter walks in the door with a friend and is begging for the new cell phone like the one her friend has. This is all happening while you’re running on less than four hours sleep because you were up with a wandering mind the night before.

And your reaction???


I’m not a Pinterest perfect mom so this is a safe place to be honest and tell you what my typical response used to be…

You want to react by yelling at everyone “I AM ONLY ONE PERSON AND I CAN’T DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW!”

If you’re suffering from emotional overwhelm this is likely your reaction.

Here’s the thing, reacting like that will only make the situation worse and you’ll feel guilty afterwards. 

So I wanted to give you 3 traps to avoid—any one of these attitudes will trigger emotional overload!

1. Self Pity. When you start to feel sorry for yourself (and this is a natural tendency), you must decide not to attend this pity party for long. It will only feed the growth of your frustration and in turn, make you more miserable.

2. Blaming everyone else. If you are constantly blaming everyone else, you render yourself powerless to the situation. Decide what you can do to make it better and stop the madness by blaming everyone for ruining your day. It’s your day. Only you can allow it to be ruined. Your mind and thought process are powerful. Use them in a positive way!

3. Focusing only on the problems. When you focus on the problem you are choosing to ignore the solution, which will, in turn, add more emotional turmoil to the moment— Ever heard the saying “making a mountain out of a molehill”? That is what happens when you focus on the problem, that little molehill gets bigger and turns into the proverbial mountain. 
If you begin to focus on each solution, the mountain feels smaller because an answer is on the way!

If you can relate to experiencing a similar emotional overload more often than you would like, and now realize the need to make your emotions work for you instead of against you, let me offer some FREE HELP


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