3 Ways to Prevent Emotional Overwhelm

Ever want to just throw in the towel cause you’ve had enough and you feel like you can’t take it anymore?

Meh, ahem,  me either I was just asking. Haha!

For real though!  You ever have those days where you have just had enough?

The tiniest thing could just set you off… and it’s not about that thing.. it’s about the 100 other things that are demanding your attention, your effort, your time… cause no one can do it like you can.  Girl I been there– I feel ya!

I’m a working mom but I’ve also been a SAHM too. Both are equally challenging, just in different ways. EVERY mom has her days… Can I get a witness?

I think every mom has been through a little sumpthin’ like this   (and truth be told, lived through myself):

Your son just told you he needs you to go buy poster board and help him complete a school project that’s due tomorrow, as he tells you this, your dog simultaneously poops on the carpet. The baby starts crying because she wants your attention and needs to be held. The phone is ringing and you’re in the middle of making dinner. Your daughter walks in the door with a friend and is begging for the new cell phone like the one her friend has. This is all happening while you’re running on less than four hours sleep because you were up with a wandering mind the night before.

Pardon the interruptions: This isn’t Pinterest where everything is meant to look perfect, this is real life and I like to keep it real.   So rest assured this is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE WITH NO MOM SHAMING!

Perhaps your job has put so many demands on you and you’re working your tail off to get everything done and one more person came up at just the right time and you lost it because you had to make copies because they don’t know how to unjam the copier and you’re about to walk into a major meeting….

So if you’ve had “one of those days” or one of those “mommy meltdown moments” please raise your hand… (I’m raising my hand with you girl.. typing with one hand right now!)


Ok, so you now know you are not alone.  Welcome to being human.  We’ve all been there and some visit the place of emotional chaos a little longer than others.

Listen, it may not be your kid.  It could be your spouse, your co-worker, your boss or even a friend creating chaos!   So picture yourself, where you’re at in this moment of pure chaos.


You want to react by yelling at everyone “I’m only one person and I can’t do it all right now!”  You want to crawl into a corner and just be still and hide with a bag of chips or Oreos.  (Um, Hello… been there done that!) For someone suffering from emotional overwhelm, even if momentary, dude, I want you to know you’re totally normal.  This is totally common.
But we also know that it’s just not wise to act like that.  Although emotion for many people supercedes wisdom and they make the mistake of acting out on the emotion.

In case you’ve never done that or don’t know…I’m going to give you a simple word of wisdom.
Reacting like that will only make the situation worse and you’ll feel beyond guilty afterwards.. and you don’t want that do you?  You’re feeling overwhelmed enough as it is, let’s not add guilt to that emotional cocktail.

I want to help muh girls out– all you Momma’s out there- this one’s for you!

3 tips to prevent emotional overwhelm.  There are three booby  traps (mom joke right there)  that will try to suck you in and drain the life out of you so overwhelm can overrun you.  Don’t fall for these traps.  Avoid them at all costs and you’re on your way to preventing emotional overwhelm.

Let’s do this thang- It’s time to get serious yo!

Here they are:

1.  Avoid Self Pity. When you start to feel sorry for yourself (and this is a natural tendency), you must decide not to attend this pity party for long. It will only feed the growth of your frustration and in turn, make you more miserable.  So reach down into the pit of your soul and BELIEVE that you can and will make it through this!  No matter how bad it might look or feel!



2.  Avoid Blaming everyone else. If you are constantly blaming everyone else, you render yourself powerless to the situation. Decide what you can do to make it better and stop the madness by blaming everyone for ruining your day. Own your part in it and what you can do to make it better.  It’s your day.  It’s your choice to make a bad moment a bad day, or learn from that moment and press on through and celebrate every positive moment in the day no matter how small!. Your mind and thought process are powerful. Use them in a positive way!


3.  Avoid Focusing only on the problems. When you focus on the problem you then choosing to ignore the solution. Which then again, will in turn add more emotional turmoil to the moment— Ever feel like you’re just going around the same old mountain complaining that it’s in your way?  That is what happens when you focus on the problem, you’re stuck and you never see the benefit of the mountain.

If you begin to focus on each solution, you are able to start climbing that mountain step by step. The next thing you know, after consistency (and possible a few bumps, bruises and falls), you’re on top of the mountain.  And that view is better than you could have have imagined.  It makes it worth the work to find the solution to get to the top to enjoy the view of what you’ve just overcome!



For real. Maybe you’re one of the thousands of women that are struggling with overwhelm daily– you feel stuck and you’re like “Holly, I can’t even avoid it right now cause I’m so caught up in it!”  Well girlfriend, I got your back!

You can’t fix a problem until you identify it.  Here is the root of emotional overwhelm.
Expectation.  Under all those emotions is the foundation of lots of expectations and it’s what I want to help you tackle first.  (I like to keep things simple and in small steps so it’s easier to digest.).

You can take this simple 5 minute evaluation to see where your expectations are coming from how overwhelmed you are.  Not only will you receive the Expectation Evaluation, but I’m going to give you an opportunity for even more insight on how to make these emotions work FOR you!


 It’s a simple PDF that includes:

  • The 5 Ways Expectation Sets You Up for Emotional Overwhelm 
  • 3 Tips to PREVENT emotional overwhelm
  • The Expectation Evaluation
  • Numerical Results Scale.  Your results from this evaluation will be revealed on the numerical scale.  This scale will unveil your level of expectation.  You can then adjust your expectations and your reduce your expectations to lower your emotional overwhelm. 

You can take this simple 5 minute evaluation to see where your expectations are coming from how overwhelmed you are.  Not only will you receive the Expectation Evaluation, but I’m going to give you even more insight on how to make these emotions work FOR you!

Just CLICK HERE TO REDEEM this incredible Evaluation- once you sign up, it will arrive to your inbox shortly!

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