UNCOVERED: The Root of Emotional Overwhelm!

Yeah, you’re tired.

Yes, your plate is full.

And you’re feeling irritable.  On edge. Ready to snip at the next person that asks for or says ANYTHING!

You could cry at the drop of a hat–  Commercials, youtube videos, the dog peeing in the house or a bowl of cereal spilling on the kitchen floor.  Any of those one issues will take you down for the count!

You’re feeling so negative and yucky that you can’t stand yourself.  You don’t want to be alone with you.  

Girlfriend, you are emotionally overwhelmed.  And you know it.

I’m here to help you do something about it!

We read so much about the symptoms of being overwhelmed, but how do we get there and how can we prevent it.

Keep reading girl… you’re in the right place!

In my many years working with people, I’ve seen one common denominator when it comes to being overwhelmed.   Today I’m going to uncover what I’ve found to be the core issue and how you can prevent it.

Hi.  I’m Holly Mutlu,  a leading expert in self development and I help women who are privately struggling with emotional overwhelm, depression and/or anxiety.  I offer tools and techniques to help the feelings on the inside match the smile you’re wearing on the outside.

I do this by teaching my Depuration Response Technique to my private, one on one clients and those in my Signature LIGHT Program.

In my experience, I have found there are many different symptoms but there is one underlying issue that triggers overwhelm.

It’s EXPECTATION.  By identifying and explaining this one thing, you’ll gain understanding on how overwhelm works.  We won’t stop there though, I’m going to give you three tips that you can implement to help you prevent going into emotional overdrive.

Without help, you will continue to struggle with pressure, feeling helpless, defeated and stuck.

With help, you can identify the root issue and apply three tips to help you prevent emotional overwhelm and gain emotional balance. (Don’t worry sister, I got your back, there’s a link at the bottom and I’m gonna hook you up with the help you’re looking for!)


Let me explain where expectation sets you up for emotional devastation.  Any one of these can bring about emotional overwhelm on their own.   Combine them and the overwhelm is m

1. You have this expectation as to how things should go. You expect a specific result. When that expectation isn’t met and the desired outcome isn’t realized, you become overwhelmed.  You then put MORE pressure on yourself to do whatever it takes to bring about your original desired outcome and in turn, bring about more overwhelm.  (There’s a cycle there do you see it?)  You expect to have control over everything in your life.  Here’s the reality.  No one has any control over anything but themselves.  The irony here is that many people have lost emotional control of themselves because they’re spending so much energy trying to control everything/one around them.  Jesus take the wheel! 

2. The expectations others have put on you.  But it’s not entirely their fault.  There are expectations that have been put on you by your co-workers, your spouse, your boss, your children and probably most people you are close to you.  If you don’t have healthy boundaries in place then you have allowed these demands in your life to become what others expect from you.  And when you say yes to anything anyone asks you, there are even more expectations put on you. Which equals more overwhelm.  Can I get a witness?

3. Expecting someone else to fix a situation you feel they are responsible for.  When they don’t, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and let down.  

4. You expect to fail.  You’re anticipation of a negative outcome puts you in the mindset to receive a negative outcome.   Which does nothing but make you feel miserable and stuck. Like there’s no moving forward in life.  And this is how it’s always going to be. 

5. You expect yourself to be perfect.   You are putting unrealistic expectations on yourself (goes along with fixing everything in #1)  And when you turn out to be human (sarcasm implied), your shortcomings leave you feeling like you’re not good enough and then you fear of rejection (which goes along with the lack of boundaries in number 2).

So now that you know the damage expectation can cause. I encourage you to take this evaluation to see where your expectation level is.


 It’s a simple PDF that includes:

  • The 5 Ways Expectation Sets You Up for Emotional Overwhelm 
  • 3 Tips to PREVENT emotional overwhelm
  • The Expectation Evaluation
  • Numerical Results Scale.  Your results from this evaluation will be revealed on the numerical scale.  This scale will unveil your level of expectation.  You can then adjust your expectations and your reduce your expectations to lower your emotional overwhelm. 


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