When Letting Go is the Best Way to Hold On

My son was about four or five years old wanting to learn the monkey bars.  The only way he could move forward was to let go.  Yet he just wanted to hang on right where he was because it was comfortable.

Have you ever been there?   A place where you wanted to move on but instead you hang on because for whatever reason it feels safe.


Comfort.  It’s a love/hate relationship.  I love to live there because life feels somewhat predictable and safe.  Yet I can’t stand it because I know it keeps me limited.


There are places we stay in our lives because they feel comfortable (i.e. jobs, relationships, etc).  Yet, ironically as comfortable as you feel, you find yourself uncomfortable because you want something more.  You know that outside your comfort zone is greatness!

We limit ourselves and stick to the comfort zone because in our minds it is safe where we are at.

Yet the reality is, in order to hold on (stay safe), we must let go.

We want to get to a place where we feel stable and confident.  But if we let go we are afraid of loss, getting hurt or doing the wrong thing.

Let’s go back to the monkey bars shall we?

If my son held on for too long, he was going to lose his grip, fall and potentially get hurt.  However, if he willingly  let go with a plan in mind, he was able to grab the next monkey bar and not fall.

Too often we don’t want to let go.  But when we let go, we are able to move ahead, growing on our own terms, without falling and getting hurt.  Now, of course there is always a risk of falling when you are moving ahead, but if you stay with both hands gripping on that one monkey bar, eventually you’re going to lose your grip and fall off.  So why not take the chance of letting go and actually getting ahead?

One by one, letting go of the bar and reaching forward to grab the next one while simultaneously letting go of the bar you leave behind, you are able to cross the monkey bars.  Finally finding stable footing.

You won’t ever get to stable footing (achieving your dream, getting into a healthy relationship, leaving a job you dislike, etc) until you begin to let go of the bars you had been gripping tightly, hanging on for dear life.

So what is it that you’re holding on to?

How can you let go?

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