20/20 Vision: The Year My Eyes Were Opened & My Mouth Was Covered

Exactly one year today, on December 31st 2020, most people were preparing for their BEST YEAR EVAAAH! They were sharing New Year’s Resolutions, setting goals, finalizing their word for the year. #2020Vision in every social media feed.

“2020 IS MY YEAR– I’ve got 20/20 Vision!”

Well, we asked for it. And we got it. Here we sit on the other side of 2020 with a whole new perspective– to say the least.

So 2020— How do I describe thee? I few words…

2020: The year that my eyes were opened, my mouth was covered, and everything else constantly needed sanitized. 

-Holly Mutlu

While I won’t go into too much detail (because there are so many levels and so much to the year)… I want to briefly share five things that became crystal clear to me during the time that was originally referred to as the year of “20/20 Vision”.

  1. Be careful what you wish for.  We asked for 2020 vision— we got it. Writers, speakers, influencers, preachers… all proclaiming “This is the year for 20/20 Vision”.  Of course, they were all speaking of a  2020 vision as glorious dreams becoming a reality.  As 2020 began to unfold, we began to wonder if it were just a dream, or are we stuck in a nightmare?  Perhaps this “20/20 vision” was exposing the reality many were overlooking or unaware of?
  2. In the event of a pandemic (or apocalyptic-type event), people won’t be hoarding, silver, gold or food—They will be hoarding toilet paper and paper towels. While there were hoarders, they were outnumbered by superheroes— all in different uniforms, many wearing PPE!  Other unexpected heroes arose! Dressed like you and me, just doing their best to help their neighbors, keep kids educated and supporting small businesses and each other any way possible.  Oddly enough, every hero was just an ordinary person doing the next right thing. 
  3. When tested, the character of my faith wasn’t near as strong as I thought it was. While I’m not proud of it, I feel the need to share it— because so many Christians seemed to have it all together as they were hiding under the shadow of His wings- all safe and sound. I felt like I couldn’t see or feel God. Not that I committed some horrific sin or as some might say “backslid”. Nothing like that. I just felt distant. Then when things got tough, my behavior didn’t reflect who Christ is.  I just kept telling myself and others that I was in the purification process. Because, I was. I’ve had plenty of “purification” moments in my life.  But nothing quite like this dose of 2020.  This time, I felt held over the fire a little too long— He definitely purified me through this process. The beauty of Christ’s love for us— He loves us where we are, but too much to leave us there.  It wasn’t pretty, but in the midst of it, the character of my faith grew. I wouldn’t change this experience for the world– just my response a few times! This time of feeling isolated made me so desperate to feel His presence that I went to the mountains in Colorado with a group of women I’d never met… and found freedom like I’d never felt before! My time with God and his ladies (my dream defenders) in the mountains made 2020 worth the pain– That’s a whole different story for later– but girl, you MUST check out #CampWellSummit It truly changed my life!
  4. Masks. I feel like this needs its’ own blog post because I’ve had so much revelation around them—so look for another post in coming weeks!  Simply put, this year confirmed what I already knew- people have been wearing protective masks for years. Just to clarify, I’m not talking about the masks worn to protect from viruses, but masks worn to protect one’s inner child.  A mask that started out as a precaution felt like the only line of defense therefore became necessary. COVID shows up in 2020 and now physical masks are everywhere and even designed to look stylish!  Masks are not only encouraged, but in most places mandatory. So if you show up without one, you will be shamed and likely kicked out!  (That right there will preach— hint to the blog post coming next month!). 
  5. “They” can put distance between us, but they can’t keep us a part. Whether it was getting together for a virtual meeting or hosting virtual parties, we still got together. We were/are doing all the things six feet apart, drive by birthday celebrations and drive-in church services and concerts.  It may not be the same, but we’re doing what we can to maintain our basic human need for connection while respecting the safety of others.  

As it turns out, 2020 was in fact, the year for 20/20 vision.  Like most things, it didn’t unfold like your mind’s eye saw it. 2020 wasn’t the year for dreams to become a reality— but for us to see our current reality more clearly. Perhaps to give us bigger and better dreams- less about “me” and more about “us”.  Less about wanting what we don’t have and more gratitude for what we do have— while at the same time fighting for the simple human freedoms and pleasures we took for granted prior to 2020.

When the clock strikes midnight and we ring in 2021 masked up and/or six feet apart, things aren’t going to suddenly be back to “normal” aka— circa Jan 2020.  For the love of all things, let’s not expect that or jump too far ahead… We learned so much this year, and now we can implement it as we have a fresh start!

All I know is that I am going to do my best to be obedient right now in this moment. This will alleviate any pressure or unrealistic expectations that I might put on 2021 and puts my faith in God alone. As each moment unfolds, so will the future. <3

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