Hello there. I’m Holly.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the read. I’m so happy to have you here. This is no coincidence, you and I crossing paths like this… you can peruse through my site and eventually you’ll see why you’re here. 😉

Anywho, welcome to my little space on this vast internet. You’re reading the “About” page because you want to know more about me, so here goes. I met my husband in 1997 in a restaurant. I reluctantly sat at the bar, but it was packed and it was the only seat available… not to mention, it was destiny. I saw him and his mustache and it was all over… at least that’s the story he tells. 😉 The rodeo was on and he wanted them to change it to soccer. With his sly moves, he asked me if I was watching the rodeo and with my quick wit, I responded “Um, yeah I’m the national champion in the women’s division of rodeo!” Quicker than me, he responded with “No way!  I’m the men’s champ!” And just like that, a seed of love was planted and it’s been blooming ever since.

When we married, I got three men for the price of one–my husband and his two boys from a previous marriage. But I totally claim those boys as mine too. Now we have a total of four boys, and these guys are the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. (I may not feel that way when they’re on my nerves, but it’s true!)

Being surrounded by men, I’ve spent many hours at all kinds of sporting events. Sports are a huge conversation in our home and the only reason we have cable is for ESPN. But, I don’t play sports. Well… I have been playing co-ed kickball for the past 10 years with my husband and some brave fabulous friends…

Anyway, I love my incredible blessing of family. I love watching my boys play their sports and I love the occasional game of around the world in the driveway. I loved it more when they were little and I could win. Now, I stand no chance. I like to consider myself a girlie tomboy–hanging out with my sparkly sneakers and jewelry while playing ball. Yep, that’s me.


So now you’re wondering why is this woman here?  What does she do?

I believe it is a dark world. I remember feeling trapped in a dark room myself (read about it here). Fortunately, my journey took me to a place that I was able to learn enough about myself to allow the light to consume the darkness. Now, I’ve got a spark inside of me that wants to ignite a light in every dark room.

Ok what’s a Christian Motivational Entertainer??

I know what you’re thinking “what’s that?” Good question!  Basically, I motivate, encourage, and teach biblical principles through music (poppy Christian rap with words you can understand 😉) and speaking.  Along with music, I use lotsa stories to keep it entertaining and memorable.  I help individuals unlock authentic joy in their lives!

This isn’t just a one size fits all pep rally. I customize my presentation for each group.  This means sometimes event organizers request that I  just speak, or just rap but most often I get to do both.  No matter how I present, there’s one thing for certain… it’s gonna be an unforgettable lesson with practical life application, wisdom, and laughter!

Ok, now for the “professional” part of me.. I am a certified Christian counselor, a life coach, speaker, author of “Joy Is My Jam” & a Jesus-loving Powerhouse! Yeah, I love me a whole lotta Jesus, and the powerhouse part comes from His strength is made perfect in my weaknesses. I’m usually pretty transparent about my many weaknesses cause God shows up and He shows off the best there!

I believe that when we drop the facade, lose the competition, and just get real something special happens! I’m all about bringing people together for a bigger purpose beyond ourselves! We are here to support and encourage one another– No matter what the struggle, we got each other’s back. I’m also a firm believer in being there to cheer for each other and celebrate together…  I want YOU to SHINE BRIGHT, my friend!

Speaking of bright.

The quirky parts about me–  I do love bright colors as well as all things that sparkle and shine so there’s lots of that… also, I love dancing, watermelon, Mexican food, and laughing a lot — really hard— like so hard I [might] pee my pants (good thing this is a judgment-free zone!) I’m aging and my bladder gets so emotional sometimes it cries!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I use lots of exclamation points!!! Hey, at least I’m not using all caps and yelling? Can I get a witness? ? I am easily entertained, I’m highly animated and quite loud! I LOVE to make things fun and laugh!

My heart’s desire is helping amazing women just like you, unlock Joy, and walk in confidence knowing we serve a God who purposefully created you with your own unique design.  I feel like every woman (including YOU) should sparkle and shine in their own way!

Keepin’ it real is how I roll. I’m your typical wife, mom, and soul sister who refuses to be anything typical. 

CAUTION: Hang with me long enough and you will start believing you’re worth greater things than what you’ve been settling for!

A personal message from me to you… I don’t know where you are today… (other than somewhere out there reading this) But I know how you might feel… maybe you are somewhat comfortable in your life and feel happy, yet you still feel as if there is “more” out there. So while it all looks good on the outside and life still is full of laughter, there is still a void that is longing to be filled.

Or maybe you are feeling uncomfortable in life like you’re just existing in this world and you’ve decided it’s time to live larger and go for your dreams. You want to take some risks to begin living a fuller, more fulfilled life.

Girl, I know you because I’ve been you! After the death of my father in law, in 2015, I realized how short life truly is. I decided I’d had enough of living a life of limitations and everything shifted!  NEVER have I felt so free… and scared, but there’s so much freedom in doing things even when you’re scared!  My goal is to encourage YOU to loosen the lid and eventually take it off of your life and you can start taking (small) steps that lead to TRULY living a FULL life… the life that God desires for you!  It ain’t easy, but sista, it’s totally worth it!


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