“Holly is a powerhouse! The moment I knew I was holding a women’s conference, I knew that Holly was a woman I wanted… wait, NEEDED to speak! She’s funny and relatable and honestly, she’s real and has a way with words.  I LOVE Holly!” 

Erica Lugo, “The Biggest Loser” Trainer and Owner of FitLove Studio

Hi, I’m Holly! And yes it seems as if most candid photos of me have awesome facial expressions right?!?! See above– that’s my norm! Haha!

Let me start by sharing this… I love Jesus, Watermelon, Mexican Food, Music & Exclamation points! Some might say I overuse them… but I feel like they’re like they are grammatical glitter!!!!

If you’ve found your way here, you likely know I’m not your typical woman, in fact I’d likely be described as anything BUT typical and I LOVE that! I’m still trying to find the best title that describes what I do… I mean how does one really describe a motivational speaker that uses humor, rap, real life stories and biblical principles to transform attendees? Other than DOTK (Daughter of the King) I’m gonna roll with “Christian Motivational Entertainer”! 

Now you may be scratching your head and wondering “What’s that?” I basically share The Word of God in a way that is relevant, entertaining, and a ton of fun!

After delivering our stillborn daughter in 1997, I struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression… but secretly! As someone in ministry, there was no way I could share what was going on inside my head and heart because that would make me less of a super-Christian (it still surprises me that I actually believed that!). So I struggled silently in the church with my loss of joy. I had to intentionally learn to get my joy back and I now teach women how to do the same. 

Your event attendees will walk away with tips that can be applied immediately and begin to bring about positive results in their lives. This ain’t just another pep rally that makes you feel good– guests leave with tools that can be applied on the daily. 

I bring my own flare (pink and glittery glitz) to your event… No matter what event it is, you’re gonna get the real me with laughter, love, and perhaps even a few tears along the way. 

So if you’re looking for a speaker to reach the woman behind her smile, deep down…I’m ya gal!

You can email me holly@hollymutlu.com to check availability and schedule your event. You can CLICK HERE to request more details about booking me for an event.

I can’t wait to see you!


What event attendees are saying about Holly

“Holly will truly bring joy into any room. Her bright, vibrant attitude along with her powerful message will honestly leave you changed for the better and give you a more positive outlook on life.”  Amanda Valentine, Radio DJ and Podcast Host

“Holly is everything a speaker should be.  She’s relatable, engaging, funny, and most of all motivating.  She keeps it real while delivering God’s truth in an impactful way.  Every time I’ve heard Holly speak I walked away a better version of myself.”  – Shanna Stanaford, Event Host

“I heard Holly speak at my church. She had me crying and laughing at the same time.  She spoke of God’s Word and was so down to earth. She helped me so much I felt like she was speaking directly to me. I hope she’s able to come back and speak at our church again.” – Sue Lori-Tindall, Live Event Attendee

“Joy Is My Jam!!! If you ever have the chance to go hear Holly Mutlu, you should.  She is fun, inspirational, loving, and caring. I have always walked away with a refreshed feeling after hearing her speak. She motivates me to try harder to be a better Christian, loves life to the fullest, and always look for the positive around us.  Don’t miss this amazing woman!” – Kari Dillman, Live Event Attendee

“Holly has a beautiful way of meeting you right where you are and walking alongside you in whatever you are battling and gently pushing you toward The One that has all the answers!”  – Missy Nickels, Live Event Attendee