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The LIGHT Program 1.0

Learn Investigate Grow Heal & Thrive
Banish discontent, frustration, and overwhelm in your life and start living with purpose and happiness – Get ready to step into the LIGHT!

Hey Lady – any of this sound familiar?

Life has become completely overwhelming – and by overwhelming you mean it’s kind of a hot mess. Whether it’s work, the kids, your hubby, or all of the above, you feel like you just.can’t.deal. In other words –  things have gotten cray cray and your anxiety is blowing up big time. Something’s gotta give, and it’s starting to feel like your sanity may be sliding.

Or maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled. Deep down you know you were meant for more, but right now you’re stuck. There’s a nagging feeling inside you that you’re not living the life God intended – not even close. It’s gotten to the point where getting out of bed in the morning is a huge challenge, and the day-to-day activities you once enjoyed are nothing more than a headache.

Or, maybe your personal relationships are hurting, and if you’re honest, you think your emotions might be to blame. Maybe the fire has gone out of your marriage, or maybe you just don’t feel connected to your teen. Sure, you’re rocking Instagram with some seriously awesome family selfies, but they don’t represent the way things really are at home – the nights alone, the tears you cry in the bathroom so no one sees the evidence on your face. You want help, but you can’t ask anyone who knows you because you’re afraid of what they’d think if they knew you didn’t have it “all together.”

Oh my word girl, if any of the above describes you, we need to talk!

Here’s what I know

You can find your purpose in life and live it with reckless abandon and crazy amounts of happiness.

You can feel fulfilled and fired up about your life – whether it’s family relationships, your career, spiritual life, or friendships.

You can rock your relationships – even if they’ve totally gone off on a detour and seem impossible to rekindle.

You can create a life you love without sacrificing all your time and sanity in therapy or reading a million and one self-help books.

You can do a 180 and turn things around! You don’t have to live dissatisfied, discontent, or disillusioned about your future. You can make massive changes now! It will take work, but it doesn’t need to be hard.

How do I know? Because your story was my own not that long ago!

Hi, I’m Holly Mutlu, a life coach for busy women who want more out of life than to just get by – who want to thrive. I know what it’s like to struggle through life and, quite frankly, it sucks. (Can I get an amen?) What I realized after making it through my own hard times and finding the light at the end of that tunnel was that if I was able to get myself out of misery, then I could absolutely help others do the very same thing. My methods are fresh, fun, and get results (and believe me – it’s more than possible for you). Here’s my promise to you – I will show up 110% for you. If you do the work (sorry, but yes, there’s work involved) then you can absolutely find lasting change.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Here’s what some of the awesome chicas who’ve worked with me have to say:

“Through the LIGHT program, I began to see things differently. The topics often cut deeply, revealing my true self and my motivations. Coming away from the program, my home has a different atmosphere. I am mindful of how my attitude affects everyone in my family. A few weeks into the program, my child even told me that I “seemed happier.”


“This is an incredible program and you can tell you are very passionate about helping others and about what you do. The biggest thing I can say I got out of this was being able to move forward again, and it built my confidence and gave me hope. I know I will continue to refer to what I have learned here.”


As women, we internalize so much (too much!) – our struggles, our fears, and our pain. We tend to put on our bright and shiny faces for the world to see, but inside we might be struggling and sad. If you thought that was only you – think again! The great news is you are not alone and it doesn’t have to stay this way!

You can find your purpose in life, feel happy, and enjoy your relationships again! My methods are the opposite of “typical” because I don’t want you wallowing in your past hurts – together we’re going to focus on that bright and shiny future and make it happen for you.

You can find that silver lining and get back on track for the life you desire – even if right now you have no idea what that life would look like. Together we can make it happen.

“Hi Holly, I just wanted you to know that I am so GRATEFUL for you!  I have been to numerous counselors and tried a multitude of things in pursuit of a better version of me….in hopes of clarity, in hopes of finally accepting myself as I am and YOU have helped me more than anything/anyone!  The homework you have given me and the non-judgmental way that you speak to me has been amazing and YOU are a blessing!”  

– Dawn

So how do you make the change? I’m so glad you asked.

Welcome to The LIGHT Program – a complete life system and mentorship program for women who want more out of life than to just get through the day-to-day – that want to thrive and shine and love their life!

The LIGHT Program is the only program you need to change your direction, find your purpose, understand your emotions, and begin again. Whether you’re struggling with relationship issues, a lack of confidence, or even just a sense of discontent (like maybe you’re thinking “This isn’t what life is supposed to be like”) the LIGHT program is your ticket to freedom!

In our 16 weeks and 8 core lessons together you will learn what changes you need to make to get out of your permanent pity party pit (say that 5 times), and how to implement those changes to find your purpose in life.

The LIGHT program is more than just a bunch of lessons – it’s a complete life system that will teach you new skills and then give you time to soar. Each topic will last for two weeks and we’ll begin each module with some serious teaching followed by some good old-fashioned implementation (and personal coaching for those who opt in for the full experience). We’ll also be bringing in some guest experts to make sure you’re fully supported 100% all the way through the program.

What does The LIGHT Program Include?

We start with an Inborn Temperament Test – This is not just another personality test. This is where it all begins! There’s a natural way that you’re wired – it’s the way you think, respond, and desire certain things. Your environment does impact your behaviors, but there are certain innate qualities that are part of who you are – who God made you to be. The Temperament Test is like a DNA test for your soul. It’s who you are at the deepest core of you. Most of the clients who take this test express serious aha moments and OM-Words when they see just how much of who they are is who they were meant to be.

Eight weeks of core training (includes specialized video training) – This is the meat and potatoes of the LIGHT Program. Together we’ll go through the 8 core topics that are absolutely essential to making those lasting changes you desire. I’ll be showing up live in the Facebook group during our training weeks (but you can access the trainings any time that suits your busy schedule). We’ll also hear from some spectacular guest experts who will give you supplementary trainings and help you uplevel your life.

Our 8 core modules include:

  • Motivation–What drives you?
  • Self Care–Permission to care for yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and relationally
  • Confidence–Where to find your confidence and who to be confident in
  • Emotions & Feelings–I will teach you my “Depuration Response Technique” so you can change your destructive emotional habits to productive ones
  • The Blame Game–Identifying the Victim Mentality
  • The Victim Mentality–Identifying the victim mindset, where you have it and why.  I’ll teach you how to go from the victim mindset to one of an overcomer!
  • Boundaries–Setting healthy relational boundaries physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Show up for your Life–Becoming mindful and present to live a full life.

Eight weeks of implementation – Learning is great, but implementation is the icing on the cake. We’re taking a full week in between trainings to put those new found skills into practice. This is also when we’ll meet up for your individual coaching sessions and hash out all the deets on how to make these core trainings real in your life.

Private Facebook Group – Part of what makes The LIGHT Program amazing is the support you’ll get from the other women in the group. Share with each other, encourage each other, and find lasting friendships with others who get where you’re coming from and are on the same road forward.

PLUS – Impromptu lessons and Q&As as the needs arise in our group. This training is personalized to the ladies in it, so if you need support around a certain topic we’ll go there girl! Nothing is off limits!

We’ll work together for 16 consecutive weeks. You’ll have lifetime access to the core training materials, guest expert sessions, as well as handouts and course materials.

Look, everyone experiences some roadblocks on this crazy journey we call life. There are ups and downs and everywhere in-betweens. Maybe your roadblocks have piled up into full blown stumbling blocks. If you’re experiencing that right now, it’s probably all you can muster not to just pull the sheets over your head and say “game over.” (No shame in the truth!)

The thing is, those roadblocks in your path? They can actually become building blocks toward your bright future. They can be the aha moment that takes you from emotional bankruptcy to living your richest most fulfilling life. It’s all in how you look at it and what you do with the tools available to you – and Girl, if it’s the tools you need and a fresh perspective, I’ve got you covered!

The LIGHT program works because we go uber deep (no surface skimming if you want massive change!). I’m not going to let you just passively listen to me tell you how to change your life – we’re going to make those changes together. It will be real, it will be raw, and it will be radical. Are you up for the challenge?

Is this the right program for you?

The LIGHT program is perfect for you if you:
  • Desire change more than anything, but you don’t know what steps to take to get there
  • Understand that all good things take work (but you’re down to have a good time while we make those changes – woo hoo!)
  • Want to start living your best life right this very moment (no time to waste!)
  • Believe in the power of investing in yourself and are ready to commit!
The LIGHT Program is not for you if:
  • You’re not willing to do whatever it takes to get out of this place you’ve found yourself in
  • You’re comfortable with things staying mundane
  • You aren’t willing to put in the workYou’d rather just feel sorry for yourself (The LIGHT Program is not for those who are comfortable in the victim mindset)

Already know it’s for you?

This program is for those women who know they want to go deeper. With four 1:1 calls (one per month) with me I will hold your feet to the fire and make sure you are making lasting changes. The coaching calls are your time to ask personal questions, get help on issues, and be held accountable. I’ll be checking in with you to make sure you’re not only understanding the lessons, but also implementing like crazy. If you want to make sure nothing is standing in your way of success then the LIGHT Program is for you.

The LIGHT Program includes:

• A live weekly webinar that correlates with each week’s Focus Journal Topic.

• A weekly Focus Journal will be delivered to your inbox every Sunday that will have questions–there are new topics bi-weekly.

• You’ll be invited to participate in an exclusive, secret Facebook page that I will monitor Monday-Friday.

• A personalized, detailed temperament assessment that will reveal your natural strengths, weaknesses, desires and responses.

• A Comprehensive Welcome Packet to set your goals, share your challenges & get us on the same page so we know what we will accomplish together.

• Once a month you will receive a 60-minute private coaching call with me. I will walk you through your greatest struggle and we will come up with a customized action plan.

I’m so excited to start working with you!

“Without Holly allowing God to use her to do this program I wouldn’t be where I am right now on my journey! Holly definitely has a way of lovingly pushing you to do what needs to be done all while encouraging along the way!”


Still unsure if the LIGHT Program is for you? Are one of these things holding you back?

Fear – Fear can negatively motivate us to stay stuck in past hurts and anxiety. The only way to break free is to take a big step (The LIGHT program can be a hand to hold you through that leap!)

Money – Money struggles are the real deal and I totally get it. I also see a lot of women holding out on making investments in their future because of an irrational fear of money. I am offering payment plans so that the women who are truly in need of this program can get in. Are you holding onto your money because you need to, or is it something else?

Time Struggles – OMWORD I know time struggles girlfriend! Our fast paced world makes us all run around like crazy ladies. Here’s the thing though – if you knew that spending 2 hours a week could drastically improve your world, wouldn’t you be able to find the time? The LIGHT program, while there is a live component, is completely online and our webinars can be watched whenever and wherever you have internet service. I’ve made it super easy for those who struggle with time because I know what you’re going through.

Pride – Are you afraid to admit your faults? No judgment girl, but think about it…If you’re afraid to admit you need help, you’ll never find that lasting change that I know is possible for you. If you want things to be different you’ve got to do something about it. Don’t let pride rob you of the future that is rightfully yours!

Support, accountability and a no kidding path toward change–if you’re ready to make those positive changes, sort through the stuff that’s kept you stuck and start living your life again–then apply for this LIGHT program!