Welcome–If you are experiencing feelings of discontentment, isolation, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed or like you’ve lost your sense of purpose, you are on on the right page. I help women just like you get to the root of why they are feeling this way and give them personalized action steps to get back to living a full life overflowing with gratitude.

Which woman are you?

  • Existing in everyday life but not feeling fulfilled or satisfied
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of your to do lists, your responsibilities and not sure how you can do it another day
  • You have “everything” but still feel an emptiness inside
  • Feeling sad, irritated, anxious and not sure where to even begin to identify where it’s coming from
  • You have lost your sense of purpose and want to find out who you are

I know where you are because I have been there too. But I made it through to the other side and I want to help you do the same.

Many of you have been strolling down a path of life just existing day to day. But life was not meant simply for existing, it was meant to be lived— Fearlessly! Facing our fears in relationships, in activities, in work and in our day to day lives brings about a sense of strength and pride in ourselves. With my programs, I hope to offer you strength and tools to get through the darkest of days and not only face them but defeat them and begin living to the fullest!

Life has been good. Intact it is great. But you just want something more. Not sure where to go or what to do, but there is just a void and you’re looking to fill it. We can figure out what is fulfilling in your life and what is wasted space/time. Let’s find your passion and beginning feeding it.

For some of you, you’re feeling lost. No sense of purpose and not sure where to go or why you’re here. You no longer feel like you matter and feel as if you have little value. You feel stuck, with no idea of where to even begin to get out of this rut. You’ve been wandering with no sense of direction and may have even become comfortable with the discontentment you’ve been feeling. I want to open up your heart and your mind and help you find your life’s purpose and equip you with tools to get you moving in the right direction.

Everyone has come against you. Life has been nothing but a battle from day to day and you don’t even know how to fight any more. Those who have been closest to you have withdrawn from you because they no longer know what to do or how to help. You are desperate and need a place to go. This is the place for you.

The LIGHT Program 1.0

Learn Investigate Grow Heal & Thrive

I’m so excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to invest in yourself and get to that newfound place of freedom that you’ve been longing for! This is a process and I want to be able to help get you back into the light.

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