“Before meeting Holly, I had come to a point where I knew change was essential, but I had no idea where to start. I was paralyzed with the fear that I would make the same mistakes that I had in the past and continue watching my life pass me by. A friend recommended me to Holly for the purpose of counseling and I could not be happier with our progress. Within just a few short months, I have more direction than I have had in years. Her encouragement and ideas for improvement have helped me look forward to what’s ahead instead of letting my past weigh me down. I am already a better version of myself and could not ask for a better coach to take me through this journey.”

– Jess

“I have known Holly for over 12 years. She has been such a wonderful coach/counselor. Each time I have seen her or spoken with her on different issues, she always makes me feel that no matter what has come against me, I am somebody!! Holly will tie in the word of God to each situation, which is important to me! Holly has been a great listener and asks questions to lead me to great solid making decisions. I truly feel that it is because of Holly’s coaching that I have gotten through the situations that I have and become a better person. Her lifestyle speaks for itself. She lives what she teaches!! She will never direct you in the wrong direction. I am so grateful to call her a sister in Christ, friend, and a wonderful coach!”

– Karen

“Where do I even begin? Holly helped me when I was in one of the lowest points of my life. She helped me with ways of coping with depression and anxiety. She has seen me grow from who I used to be, and almost 2 years ago, she officiated my wedding and came to the hospital when I had my baby boy. She is one of the absolute greatest people I’ve met.”

– Katie

“Holly has helped me thru So much, there were so many times I have felt so overwhelmed, and haven’t known how to even sort out all that was going thru my mind, & in my life at the time! I’ve learnt so much from her, Holly’s creative self & insight has given me tools & ways to incorporate her guidance & wisdom into many issues of my life problems to become less stressful & manageable , ways & thoughts to re-direct into a much more positive mindset within myself to know how to handle certain issues, & most certainly a calmness that I can handle, like never before!

I love her, she will give you direction for the right path of your life like you have never imagined possible!”

– Pat

“I started seeing Holly during a very lonely and desperate period of life. I was struggling with some self-condemnation over my past. Somehow she brought me to a place where I could talk about it with less emotion and was able to find a new perspective leaving me whole and complete with a sense of worth and value. It was a healing process that was the catalyst to me finding peace. Being able to know I could count on Holly to listen and work through things – even in my most desperate hour – was the key. Holly made the time for those urgent breakdowns which was more powerful than having to wait a week to even get a reply.

– Lauren

“Who was Mel before the 8-week program started? Well she was bitter, closed off, controlled by others, never doing anything for herself, hating not only those who hurt her but herself too, a girl who had not allowed herself to cry or really show any emotions, a girl who looked at her scares and thought she was ugly, and an angry women who would smile on the outside but was dying on the inside.

So starting this program was not an easy choice. I didn’t want to spend the money on myself let alone open up and allow anyone to cross the walls I built around myself, however, I was tired of being miserable and pretending to be ok. Week one was overwhelming and I wasn’t at the point of really wanting to be completely open. I shared some on my WFJ but not all the way. As the weeks went on I opened up more and more, but my real turning point was the night I asked God to forgive those who hurt me and I myself forgave them. I was finally done drinking their poison in hopes they would die. But there was still a burden I was carrying… The burden of not forgiving myself! I held on to this one a little longer. I began writing letters to myself at each age a major thing happened and the more I wrote the more I began to see how much anger and hate I had for myself until one day I just said enough was enough and I let go! This defiantly wasn’t an easy decision but has had some amazing rewards! As the rest of the program went on I was more open and really digging into God Word. I have begun to look at myself in a different way and my marriage is no longer on the brink of divorce. I’m not perfect and have a long way to go, but God is good and He is bringing me through so much one day at a time.

So who is Mel after the 8-week program? Well I am free of bitterness, no longer just smiling on the outside but on the inside too, I have forgiven those who hurt me, I take time for myself to recharge and not feeling guilty doing it, I see my scars as a way of sharing what God has brought me through instead of being ugly, but most importantly with Gods help I have forgiven myself and broke down the walls I once hid behind! I am able to talk to people from personal experience, not just the right words coming out and I have seen God work in more ways than I could ever imagine and am looking forward to seeing Him continue to work not only in my life but in others around me!

Without Holly allowing God to use her to do this program, I wouldn’t be where I am right now on my journey! Holly definitely has a way of lovingly pushing you to do what needs to be done all while encouraging along the way!”

– Mel

“It was a slow fade for me, gradually trading God’s truths for Satan’s lies. I found myself suddenly struggling with anxiety. About that time, The LIGHT Program and Holly kept showing up in my Facebook newsfeed. I felt drawn to the program but was hesitant to sign up. I told myself the reason was the cost. Truthfully, my primary reason was pride. I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t have it all “together.” Through the LIGHT program, I began to see things differently. The topics often cut deeply, revealing my true self and my motivations. Coming away from the program, my home has a different atmosphere. I am mindful of how my attitude affects everyone in my family. A few weeks into the program, my child even told me that I “seemed happier.” At that moment I knew that this investment in me was paying off. There will be ups and downs. Now, I have tools that will help me stay focused on God’s truths in any situation.”

– Tracy S.

“I started the LIGHT Program because I was beginning to feel stuck, I was struggling with anxiety and depression. I began slipping into old habits of becoming reclusive and avoiding things I enjoyed like church and activities with family and friends. Even my responsibilities started slipping. I also was having trouble sleeping and overall feeling blah or the blues. I have done other counseling programs before, but it was face-to-face 1-on-1 counseling, years ago so the group online program was new to me.

I struggle with confidence, self-worth, body image issues, and making myself a priority. In the program, we talked about these things right off the back with webinars and weekly focus journals on self-love, self-care, and confidence. Lots of note taking here!!!

Feelings and emotions were other hot buttons for me. As a person that struggled to trust feelings, this week was very helpful. We learned the difference between emotions and feelings, learned that by choosing to run our emotions through a positive or negative filter our thoughts, feelings, and actions are completely different. And this is our choice to make.

Boundaries and Mindfulness were probably the weeks where I really started putting my learning into actions. I now was on a journey of self-healing how was I going to stay there, where did I need to set boundaries. This is so important because when I’m at my best I can function at my best as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend etc. And something clicked when I heard Holly saying to know our tendencies and practice acceptance for ourselves. When I would go for a goal before, I only focused on the end result which would many times end in failure, because I wasn’t thinking of myself and my own strengths and struggles. That seems so silly now because I can use the strengths to shoot me forward and can take countermeasures to overcome my struggles–or at least be prepared. Also that I have to get my thought life under control, by staying in the now and questioning my thoughts so to keep them in check. (Hold captive every thought)

This is an incredible program and you can tell that Holly is very passionate about helping others and about what she does. The biggest thing I can say I got out of this was being able to move forward again, and it built my confidence and gave me hope. I know I will continue to refer to what I have learned here.”

– Brandi

“Holly, I just wanted you to know that I am so GRATEFUL for you! I have been to numerous counselors and tried a multitude of things in pursuit of a better version of me….in hopes of clarity, in hopes of finally accepting myself as I am and YOU have helped me more than anything/anyone! The homework you have given me and the non-judgemental way that you speak to me has been amazing and YOU are a blessing!”

– Dawn

“From student to teacher–I am so proud of you! I am proud that you put your heart into this work, that you push and challenge us, and are running the race with us, not standing at the finish line waiting, but cheering us on in the deep mucky journey. I am proud that you stepped out of your comfort zone and challenged yourself with “Living in the L.I.G.H.T. Program”. Through you, God is changing us. It’s a REALLY big deal! Through you Gods reach is limitless. For the women’s lives that you help have ripple effects for generations. You have been chosen, no pressure, because God is right there with you, and me. You are ROCKIN’ God’s challenge!”

– Mandi

“GENUINE that’s the best way to describe Holly. Your about to share some of the most private issues that you have with someone who you barely know.

Comfortable and safe is how I felt. I was in the worst place ever in my life, at the bottom. Then through the grace of GOD she shows up to save me. Here is someone I didn’t know from anyone, and my ego wasn’t about to just let anyone break me down and open up. Well, I was wrong on that last point. I opened up and Holly listened, didn’t judge me in any way just listened and prayed for me. I’m tearing up just remembering our very first session. What am I doing here with this stranger who really couldn’t care less about me I thought. Strong, successful, and a whole lot of pride she for sure couldn’t help me. The single most incorrect thought I’ve ever had in my entire adult life. Holly has the strength and will to let even the toughest of us try and talk above her.

It didn’t take long before I felt what anyone wants to feel in this situation, safe. I trusted her(and I trust very few people I’m from NY). I let somethings known to her that I swore to my maker Id take to the grave. She listened and listened till I could say no more. Then she looked at me and I saw that she felt my pain and I also saw she wanted to help me heal. This was a feeling that no one will ever understand till you experience it. She wrapped herself into my world and we set goals, milestones, and we worked and worked and we made progress every time we met. You cant learn this stuff, you have to be blessed with it. I don’t care how many letters you have after your name saying how many courses you took. If you don’t have the sincere desire to help and change peoples lives it won’t matter. This woman will have a positive effect on anyone willing to let her help. I was as broken as broken a man could be. My marriage was in the worst shape ever. Demons had taken over my wife and had affected me as well. I’m am honored and so proud to say Holly didn’t help my wife and me, she saved my wife and our marriage. The time we have known her has proven to us who she is an awesome human being. She has a knack of making people smile. I’m so happy she is part of my families life and would always consider her to be one of the most influential people in my life. God bless you Holly”   

– Tony

“I credit Holly Mutlu with saving our marriage after working with her for ONE VIDEO session.  I understand that probably sounds too good to be true.  Lack of communication and shared empathy was killing our marriage and my spirit.  I’d given up hope we could change the dynamic my husband and I had fallen into after only five years of marriage. I’d decided that maybe marriage just wasn’t for me.  We’d been going to marriage counseling for several months and all I had to show for it was more anger and resentment.  It felt like my husband had turned into another person and I found myself longing for my single days.  We had a video session with Holly and the results were INSTANT and felt magical.  By the end of the session, we were even unconsciously snuggling together which was a far cry from how we started the session!

Holly has mastered the rare and fine art of being COMPASSIONATELY straight, honest and direct.  The way in which she delivers the good and the bad is not sugar-coated but is full of hope, humor and empathy.  Her skillful use of analogies makes even the most complex and new concepts easy to understand, right in the moment.  Her ability to read situations and people in order to bring hidden aspects of our relationship dynamics into view were astonishing.  My husband and I had many literal jaw-dropping moments, all while feeling accepted and supported.  Her approach to presenting concepts is customized to how each person ticks so they can be taken in with curiosity instead of defensiveness. Holly ended the session with one amazing piece of homework for us to do on our own; not only was it easy and fun to complete, it instantly igniting the spark we had when we were first together.  It’s now been over 6 weeks since that one session with no return to old dynamics plus it’s been easy and light-hearted to maintain.  I have back the man I married, he has back the woman he married and I have a profound appreciation for who he is and who we are together.
We simply can’t thank Holly enough. For those of you considering her services, there’s nobody I trust more than Holly.  As she told us, there’s always hope (which, of course, at the time I didn’t believe).  Really, the only thing you have to lose is stuff you want to get rid of anyway.  Take a leap because Holly is absolutely the right one for the job.”
– Kerri